Centrally located in a beautiful historic building in Vienna, Tatuarium has been welcoming tattoo lovers through its doors since 2014. Everyone is welcome inside our cosy and comfortable setting, and our artists cater to a variety of styles, from the classic Old School to the contemporary.

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the balconz of the magic king, Lange Gasse 29

A building steeped in history

Aside from being one of the oldest surviving buildings on Lange Gasse in the charming 8th District of Vienna, the Tatuarium house is also the fabled location of the main protagonists in "Tales from Vienna Woods", a play by the Austro-Hungarian playwright Ödön von Horváth. The characteristic "balcony of the Magic King", as referenced in the play, can still be seen today, adorning the newly pedestrianised section of the street.

It it thought that the building, which dates back to around 1700, began life as a winegrowers house, owing to its name "Zum wilden Mann" (to the wild man). Another nod to its origins is the plaster relief of Bacchus, the Roman god of Wine, which keeps watch above the building's entrance.

"A house with a shop for Oskar's dignified butcher's shop, with a shop for a doll's clinic with the company sign "Zum Zauberkönig" above it, a balcony with flowers and finally a small tobacconist at the corner of Zeltgasse ..."

Then and Now

An image of Lange Gasse 29 in 2015

From left to right: Lange Gasse 29 - 1902 & 2015

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